Ski & Snowboard Camp
The Camp arises from the need of having a prolonged and accessible activity for families. It starts and ends at the bottom of the ski resort,in the Molino area (Cerler 1500). Groups are small and they gowith the same instructor throughout the course. The ski camp gives the option to choose between Saturdays, Sundays or both days.There’s a party at the end of the course for everyone so you can show off what you have learnt.

Age: From 4 years old.
Groups: Children, teens and adults.
Levels: All.
Start of the course: January 12th.
Duration: 3 months. 11 consecutive weekends, 3 hours per day from9.45h to 12.45h.
Meeting point: Molino area (Cerler 1500).
Mini Ski Camp

Mini Ski Camp is an activitythat combines childcare with skiing lessons. Here your little oneswill safely experience skiing while having fun!

Age: From 2 to 4 years-old.
Groups: Children.
Levels: Beginners.
Start of the course: January 21th.
Duration: 3 months. 11 consecutive Sundays, 3 hours per day from 9.45h to12.45h. The class is divided between 1 hour and half of ski learning and 1 hour and half of other activities in the ski kindergarden.
Meeting pointunt: El Molino ski kindergarden (Cerler 1500).

Saturday: 185,00 €
Sunday: 185,00 €
The two days: 370,00 €

Saturday: 195,00 €
Sunday: 195,00 €

Sundays from 9:00 to 13:30 during January, February and March. 
Ski Kindergarten combined with skiing lessons.
Ski Kindergarten hours: 09:00 to 12:00.
Class hours: 12:00 to 13:30.

Price: 240,00 €


In midweek course, we consider group a minimum of SIX participants, in case to be less than six people we reduce course hours.
Once the course started, the amount will not be refunded except in case of accident, on submission of medical report.
Once you purchase the course for less than five days, if you decide to expand later, extended days will be paid according to rates.
Reservations can only be canceled 24 hours before the start of the lessons, by noticing to the school at a cost of 5% of the total amount of the cancellation.
The amount of the private lessons will be refunded in case of cancellation in time and form, by closure of the ski resort, or by an accident presenting the medical report.
The delay by the customer does not require changing the schedule contracted.
Not attending to the class involves the waiver of refund.
Our services do not include ski pass or personal equipment.
All prices include VAT
We aim to improve the quality of our services, to any complaints or suggestions feel free to come to our office.
There is a complaints book at the disposal of our customers.

check date, time and meeting point on your ticket lesson.
We recommend purchasing insurance on the ski resort or be in possession of some other insurance that offers such coverage (federation, travel, etc..).
Helmet use is mandatory for children and is strongly recommended for all ages.

Se recomienda a todos los clientes proveerse de un plano de pistas y esquiar por aquellas adecuadas a su nivel y seguir siempre las indicaciones del profesor, que le aconsejará por que pistas puede esquiar una vez acabada la clase o curso.
Utilizaremos siempre las papeleras y contenedores que la Estación de Esquí pone a nuestra disposición, y en caso de no tener una cerca, recogeremos todos los residuos para posteriormente depositarlos en ellos.
Es obligación de todos preservar el medio ambiente para así seguir disfrutando de él todos nosotros y nuestros descendientes.
El esquiador sebe acceder a las pistas para recibir su clase o curso, provisto de todo el material necesario: botas, esquís, bastones, así como de ropa apropiada, guantes, gorro, gafas y crema protectora.
Para la práctica del esquí y el snowboard es recomendable una mínima preparación física, así como una edad de cuatro años para la práctica del esquí alpino y seis para la práctica del snowboard.
Es muy importante seguir en todo momento las indicaciones de los profesores, tanto durante las clases como después, cuando ponemos en práctica sus enseñanzas.
La Escuela Española de Esquí de Cerler dispone de sus seguros de Responsabilidad Civil y Accidentes para sus clientes durante el ejercicio de las actividades de la Escuela.
En todas nuestras oficinas está a su disposición toda la información detallada de nuestros servicios y precios de los mismos.
En todas nuestras oficinas existen ojas de reclamación a disposición de los clientes.